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All massage therapists come from Thailand, and are students from Thailand and work part time at Thai Massage To You doing Thai Massage Outcall Service. We are happy to visit you at your home or hotel. Not a Sexual service Please.

We all come from Thailand, the Land of Smile and the Land of Healthy. We come from warm families who concern about old people as grand pa or grand mom. We take good care of them with Thai Massage to help them to feel relaxed and to feel our concern. Our service is for males and females. Everyone is welcome.

Also, Thai Massage is good for healing your body from sickness as back pain, migraine headache or stomach problems. Please let us know about your problem before massage so that we can help you to get more relaxed as in Thailand style.

When doing Thai Massage we will also stretch your body as in Yoga. That’s why many people call Thai Massage as Thai Yoga Massage. We can help you to Yoga and relax your mind and body by Thai Yoga Massage. Please let us know when you make the appointment if you like Thai Massage Yoga Style.

In Thailand culture from Lanna in the north of Thailand where I was born in Chiang Rai, most of the Children show concern for family, as our parent and grand pa and grand mom, by giving them massage to make them feel loved and relaxed.

I wish we can give you, by our love and concern, massage for your body as friends. It’s great if we can get to know each other more by massage. Mostly we are student and I apologize that we cannot speak English well and we wish that we can practice to speak English with you (if you want). But we are warm, kindly and quiet if you don’t like to talk, but if you would love to talk with us please feel free to ask anything that we are really appreciate to service you.

In the end we are new in Australia and don’t know much about your culture, so please feel free to teach us. We wish we can be your friend in the near future.

During daytime we study, sometimes only in the morning or in the afternoon, and we are looking forward to hear from you to make appointment to book us in between our studies. We are all available in the evenings and whole day 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday, but please book in advance.

Because we will go massage you at your home, we have to pay for taxi and travel. Please kindly for us, if your live far from Miranda, to please give more extra charge for the travel.

Because we will go and give you massage at your home, we will need time to travel to you. Please kindly for us, if you are far from Sydney Airport we will need a little extra time to get to you and transfer fees will be included. Please book in advance to get the time you would like.

Please use online booking or SMS only because we must study day time and need to concentrate and cannot answer phone. We wish we can serve you after we have finished our daily study.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Thai Massage To You Team

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We are located around the
Sydney Airport Area
NSW Australia
Tel: 0452 633 778

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